Tips for Ordering Hats for Teams

When ordering caps for a team here are several tips we've learned along the way to help make the process easier. First you can get an idea from your team on what features they would like to see in a hat. Some teams have more than one hat...a practice hat and a game hat which gives them more variety. If you know up front what they would like in a hat such as flat visor versus pre-curved visor, type of material and color options you can order a few caps as samples for them to view and vote on making them feel like they are a part of the process. Let's talk about a few of these hat options....

Flat Visor vs Pre-curved:

Many younger players LOVE the look of the flat visor BUT the coaches would prefer a pre-curved. Some hats such as the Proflex Flat Visor Fitted Cap and Proflex Quick Dry Fitted Cap have the same material, but the Proflex Flat Visor Fitted Cap visor is flat and the Proflex Quick Dry Fitted Cap visor is pre-curved so you can mix and match and everybody is happy!


Time of year and where you live plays into deciding which type of material is best for you. Cooler climates love the look of a wool cap but if you're in the south in the summer forget it! Mesh caps or quick dry moisture wicking hats work better for these hotter climates.


Many teams try to order hats to match their jerseys. While this may seem like a good idea it's really hard to get an exact color match because different materials hold color differently and fade at different rates. We recommend matching the hat color to the writing on the's a much safer bet. Plus with the 2 tone and 3 tone cap options you have a variety of color choices to ensure a great look.

Fitted vs Adjustable:

Some more experienced players and teams already know their hat sizes which makes ordering fitted hats easier. However, some of the younger teams don't know their cap size and trying to measure them is like herding cats. If you have the time we highly advise ordering a cap in each size and letting the kids try them on and tell you which size they'd like. If you don't have the time you'll have to use a fabric tape measure and measure their heads at the widest part above their ears.

Hope these tips help you and your team in their cap ordering process.