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Excellent UPF sun protection hats that block dangerous UV rays

We carry a variety of UPF Rated products to protect you from excessive UV rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating system measures the UV Protection provided by the fabric. It is much like the SPF rating system used for sunscreen. We have several hats with a UPF rating such as the new Moisture Wicking Sun Hat with UPF 50+, the new Moisture Wicking Boonie Sun Hat and our Moisture Wicking Sun Hat with a Removable Neck Guard.
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Back to Basic Hats!

Sometimes all the new trends and looks are what you need BUT sometimes you just want to go back to basics. That applies to hats too! We have some tried and true styles that have been making customers happy for years. Several of our top selling caps have been around the block and are reliable, quality caps that you can't go wrong with. There are a couple of these that I'd like to highlight in both the fitted category and in the adjustables.
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Your team will love these hats!

Is your team looking for something new this year. They want the high performance aspect of a quality hat but feel it's equally important to have a certain look? Well we have some new hats that will do just that. We have several new fitted hats that your team will love. They have all the features of our high end performance hats such as moisture wicking and some even have antimicrobial and scent control. Check out some of these cool new additions!
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ProFlex Fitted Hats

ProFlex fitted hats are made for top performance. They have a ProFlex sweatband that gives you the look and comfort of a fitted cap. These caps are fitted meaning that there is no adjustable closure in the back and the back is closed. They have 2-3% spandex in them so that they flex to fit a range of sizes. Some ProFlex caps start as small as an XS/S and some go all the way up to a XL/XXL. Many of these caps also have the added benefit of Q3 Technology which means that they Quick Wick, Quick Cool and Quick Dry.

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Kryptek Camo Hats

Kryptek camo is a technical hunting line that has Military tactical apparel attributes imbedded in it. Many of these features have come to fruition from years of the designers combat in ultra extreme conditions and environments. 

The Kryptek founders have spent most of their adult life in the military, and  they wanted to offer a high end apparel line that wasn’t over charged, they want Kryptek be known for its performance and fair price.

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Top Selling Low Profile Adult and Youth Hats

If you're looking for a great low profile, unstructured cap that comes in a lot of fun colors, look no further. The GWT-111 is one of our top sellers. It comes in 30 different colors and at such a great price you can afford to own several. This cap is popular for both men and women. Generally, low profile, unstructured caps are preferred by people with heads on the smaller size because the low profile cap has a more shallow crown.
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