Baseball Hat Features

Profile AKA Crown

A baseball hat profile refers to the structure or crown on the front of the cap above the brim. There are generally four types of baseball hat profiles: A) Structured – standard high crown profile, B) Mid crown profile, C) Mid to Low crown profile, and D) Unstructured – low crown profile.

Ball Cap Profile Crown  

Closure Type - For ADJUSTABLE Caps

Adjustable baseball caps have closures on the back of the caps that allow you to adjust the size.  Types of closures include: A) Plastic snap, B) Adjustable hook/loop tape (a.k.a. Velcro), C) Adjustable fabric tuck strap with slide closure, D) Metal buckle closure, E) D-Fit closure, F) Nylon strap with plastic buckle closure. 

FITTED Caps Are NOT Adjustable

Fitted caps are not adjustable, since they are fitted to head sizes, and therefore do not have closure types. The back of a fitted cap is closed.



Panels are different pieces of fabric that make up the top of the cap. There are usually five or six panels in a baseball cap.

Fabric Material

Baseball caps are generally made of cotton, cotton blends, jersey mesh, wool, acrylic/wool blends, and moisture wicking fabrics.

Brim (also known as bill or visor)

The brim of the cap is the piece that protects your face from the sun. It is usually made of plastic which is sewn inside of fabric.


Eyelets are small holes on the top of the cap that allow your head to breathe.  They can either be metal or reinforced stitching.


The buckram of a baseball hat is the liner inside of the front of the cap that provides the structure and form. Structured caps have a buckram and unstructured caps have no buckram, giving them the more casual, lower profile.