What is a Trucker Hat?

The term "trucker cap" means different things to different people. So what really is a trucker cap? Originally they were used as give aways to truckers so they were considered cheap trucker hats but over time the style has gained popularity and they are no longer considered cheap but more of a fashion style. The design of a plain trucker cap is similar to that of a baseball cap, with a slightly pre-curved visor, a 5 or 6 panel crown and a button on top. Typically the material of the front section is made of foam, and the back is plastic mesh for breathability. The foam front of the hat has structure to stand up and give height to the cap. The closure is an adjustable plastic snap or hook loop tape closure (velcro closure) and can be adjusted.  Over the years pretty much any hat with a mesh back has started to be referred to as a trucker hat, but they really aren't true trucker hats unless they have the above features. Many times a customer will ask for a fitted trucker hat or a flat visor trucker hat which is fine and we do carry plenty of those as well but it's really not a trucker hat. Below is our best selling blank trucker hat which is both a women's trucker hat and a men's trucker hat. Many of our customers have their business logos embroidered on the white front panel of this trucker hat.

Blank Foam Front Mesh Back Trucker Hat