What are Waxed Cotton Hats?

Waxed cotton is a rugged water resistant and natural fabric that, unlike most synthetics, will look better with some wear and tear. Waxed cotton is cotton injected with wax. Waxed cotton canvas is one of the oldest materials in the world and it is still used today, it is a rare example of a fabric invention withstanding the test of time. The concept of waxed cotton originated in Scotland and the result was a durable fabric that repelled water. As you can imagine this product is great for hats and for those that hunt or work outdoors or both!

We carry 3 caps that are either full waxed cotton caps or partial waxed cotton caps. The  one cap that is full waxed cotton is offered in two different colors, solid Brown and Tan/Brown. We have 2 partial waxed cotton caps that have blaze orange crowns with a waxed cotton visor.

Here are the full waxed cotton caps, they are unstructured with a pro mid crown with a self strap with a metal buckle closure.

Brown Waxed Cotton Canvas HatTan/Brown Waxed Cotton Hat

Our two caps that have Blaze Orange crowns and Brown Waxed Cotton Visors are different based on their crown heights, their type of closures and their crown structure. The first cap on the left is the 550IS which has a high, structured crown with a plastic snap closure and contrasting eyelets while the 553IS has a low, unstructured crown with a tuck strap with slide closure.

550IS Blaze Orange with waxed visor553IS low profile blaze orange with waxed visor

Be sure to try these caps out, as with our many happy customers, you won't be disappointed!