Unstructured Hats 101 - All the Basics you Need to Know!

When shopping for hats there is a lot of terminology that you may or may not be familiar with. We get a lot of questions about what does unstructured mean? The difference between a structured hat and an unstructured hat is called a buckram. A buckram is a stiff piece of fabric that is behind the front panels of the crown of a hat to give it structure. When you take a hat off your head and set it down does the crown collapse? Or does it look like there is still a head in there and it keeps its shape? If it collapses then it's most likely an unstructured crown. Generally unstructured caps give more of a casual look whereas structured caps are generally better for team sports and uniforms. Many times an unstructured hat fits better on those with smaller heads but it's really all just preference, feel, comfort and the look you're going for. Most unstructured caps have a low profile which means that the height of the crown is low. We carry several low profile unstructured caps with different closure types or materials however they are all 6 panel unstructured caps and not 5 panel. We carry mainly blank unstructured caps and while we don't technically have any Flexfit unstructured hats we do carry a Flexfit lightly structured cap. There are not too many unstructured fitted caps on the market however we do currently carry one which is the FLX-100.