What qualities make a good hat for runners? I was thinking about this the other day when I was out for a run and wasn't wearing my hat and wished I had been. What was I missing? The most important features for me are the visor to shield the sun out of my face, the crown to be of lightweight breathable material to not weigh me down, the addition a moisture wicking sweatband for the comfort against my skin and for me the ease of the closure to pull my pony tail through...I get that the last one might not be important for everybody! So which hats to I gravitate towards before heading out the door? Here are my top picks:

1) The Moisture Wicking Hat with UPF 50+

I love this one for the UPF 50+ rating and the comfort! This cap comes in 7 different solid colors and has a lightly structured, low crown. This cap is made out of a moisture wicking polyester material and has a Q3 Wicking Sweatband and a micro hook/loop tape closure.

Moisture Wicking Hat with UPF 50+

2) Moisture Wicking Low Profile Cap

This is another great low profile cap. This cap comes in 6 different solid colors and is made out of a moisture wicking polyester and also has a Q3 wicking sweatband and hook/loop tape closure. At $5.95 per cap this cap is a great value!

Moisture wicking low profile cap

3) FLIGHT One Touch Hat

This is a wonderful hat for a long run. This ultra lightweight hat is a feather-light cap with a thin, flexible visor and Nylon Elastic Tuck Strap Closure With Plastic Buckle. It is the thinnest and most lightweight cap in our lineup. Plus it has the added bonus of a Cooling & Antimicrobial Sweatband.

FLIGHT One Touch Hat

4) Reflective Safety Cap with Lights

For those of you that like to run in the early morning hours or in the evening the Reflective Safety Cap with Lights is a great choice! This structured polyester cap with a mid profile has reflective print on the visor and a hook/loop tape closure. This hat also features a pre-curved visor with 3 LED lights in the sandwich visor and 1 LED light under the hat's brim. Once click illuminates the LED under the brim, 2 clicks illuminate the LED lights in the visor and 3 clicks illuminate all the lights for optimal visibility.

Reflective Safety Cap with Lights