This Really is the BEST Sun Protection Hat!

Ok I know I have said other hats were my favorite sun protection hats before BUT this Sunblocker Hat really is my NEW favorite sun protection hat! After spending a week in the Bahamas, on a boat, in the sun all day long and the wind too, this hat definitely was my favorite of the week. This stretch polyester hat has a mesh crown lining and side crown vents and a Q3 wicking sweatband. This is a unisex hat and while it's great for boating it's also great for coaches that are outside in the sun and heat for long periods of time. Why is this my new favorite sun is why:

  • the brim is structured - why is this important? When you're boating or really doing anything a structured brim blocks the sun from hitting your face but also allows you to see out. If the brim was floppy I wouldn't have been able to have a clear view of the action around me.
  • the white color kept me cool and looked clean and crisp - I do love a white hat in the hot summer but it's nice to have options and this hat definitely does. Plus this is a unisex hat and most men don't love a white hat. My husband wears it in khaki. It comes in Black, Captains Blue, Graphite, Khaki, Navy, Red, Royal, Putty and White.
  • chin strap - as I have said before a chin strap is a necessity while boating. I have lost many a baseball hat while on a boat but this one stayed put even on the windiest of days.
  • packing ease - since only the brim is structured this was super easy to pack in my rolling carry-on. I laid it flat and packed all my clothes on top of it.
  • fit - I have a small head so many times hats like these are too big in the crown. This hat has a toggle adjustment on the back of the hat so I could cinch it in for a better fit for me. My friends teenage daughter didn't need to adjust hers at all.

CSB-100 BackCSB-100 TopCSB-100 FrontSunblocker Hat

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