The Best Sun Protection Hat for Women

Do you want to know what the best sun protection hat for women is and why? Living in SW Florida I have tried many sun protection hats over the years...some are too big, some are too heavy, some I can't see out of because the brim is too big so I was super excited to try the Moisture Wicking Bucket Hat. This hat is perfect for many reasons...

  • it is lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time,
  • it's made out of a moisture wicking polyester so it dries fast,
  • it has a sweatband inside so it's comfortable against your skin,
  • it is UPF rated 25/50+,
  • it has an adjustable chin strap (and for you boaters you know the importance of this!)
  • AND if you're a is easy to pack!!

This hat comes in 6 different, dark green, graphite, navy, red and royal.

It is a unisex hat so men can wear it too I just find that this fits me perfectly!

Moisture Wicking Bucket Hat