The BEST Camo Visors!

Fall is the perfect time to wear a visor. It gives your face protection from the sun and shields your view when the sun is strong. Fall is also a great time for camo so its perfect to consider a camo visor for this time of year and we have several great ones to choose from! We have a Garment Washed Camo Visor and a Camo Moisture Wicking Visor. The Garment Washed Camo Visor is offered in 12+ colors and the Camo Mositure Wicking Visor is offered in 7+ patterns. Both of these visors are unisex and can be worn by men or women. 

The Garment Washed Camo Visor has a 2 3/8" crown, is lightly washed with a pre-curved visor and has a hook/loop tape closure. This visor comes in 12+ camo patterns including many of the popular Mossy Oak and Realtree patterns. Shown below are only 1/2 of the patterns available. To see all of the options head to

Garment Washed Camo Visors

Our Camo Moisture Wicking Visor has a 2" crown, it's made out of a polyester moisture wicking fabric and has a micro hook/loop tape closure. This visor is offered in many of the Kryptek Camo patterns plus Mossy Oak and Realtree too! Check out the whole line up at

Camo Moisture Wicking Visor

 Check these and all of our visors out at