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Sun Protection Hats!

Today is the first day of summer and with that comes warmer days, more time outside and more exposure to the sun. While moderate sun exposure is great and can provide health benefits it's also important to protect yourself from the sun and the harmful UV rays. According to the American Cancer Society a great way to protect yourself from the suns rays is by wearing a hat. They advocate to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on sunglasses to protect the eyes and skin around them.

The hat itself provides coverage for your head and the visor or brim also can provide coverage for your face and ears. We also offer a couple of sun protection hats that have a neck flap for neck protection from the sun. Here are our most popular sun protection hats:

Sun Protection Hats with Neck Flap - We offer 2 different sun protection hats with a neck flap. The first one is a Deluxe Guide hat that offers protection from the sun with a neck flap and a longer and wider visor. The supplex material is light weight, the sweatband is Q3 moisture wicking, and there is a drawstring in the back which allows you to cinch for a secure fit.

Sunblocker with Neck FlapBack of Sunblocker with Neck Flap

Our next sun protection hat has a removable neck flap. This unstructured cap is made out of supplex and has a long visor board for extra protection. It is adjustable with a black nylon clip closure and it also has a neck cord with a toggle which helps to ensure you won't lose your cap on a windy day or while boating. It has a Q3® moisture wicking sweatband and black mesh inserts for ventilation. 

Moisture Wicking Hat with Removable Neck GuardBack of Moisture Wicking Hat with Removable Neck Guard

One of our newer sun protection caps that will make sure you have coverage and look good too is the boonie sunblocker hat. It's offered in 7 different colors. This Boonie hat comes in black, navy, graphite, khaki, putty, white and captain blue and provides great protection from the sun! The hat is lined with mesh and has vents on both sides of the crown for cooling. It has an adjustable drawstring with plastic toggle fits around your neck for a secure fit. 

Sunblocker Hatsunblocker hat

So don't delay, get your Sun protection hats today! Check out these hats plus many more at