Our Top Selling Kryptek Mesh Back Hat

Kryptek camo is a technical hunting and clothing line that has Military tactical attributes imbedded in it. Many of the features of Kryptek have come into being from years of combat in ultra extreme conditions and environments. The Kryptek founders felt that the hunting apparel industry was lacking a technical clothing line that was functional, durable, dependable, reliable and didn’t break the bank, so they formed Kryptek. The patterns are undeniably cool and unique. Our top selling Kryptek Mesh Back Hat comes in these 6 Kryptek patterns...something for everyone!


Kryptek Highlander is in the brown tones and is designed for the varied geographical regions and elevations.

Kryptek Highlander Mesh Back

Kryptek Inferno is for big game hunters. Inferno is similar to Blaze Orange and is the answer to meeting the firearm hunting season requirements while looking good.

Kryptek Inferno Mesh Back Hat

Krypek Yeti is for when the temperatures fall and conditions worsen. Yeti provides concealment when cover is only found in the snow.

Kryptek Yeti Mesh Back Hat

Kryptek Pontus is a beautiful color combination of blues and greens for those who are chasing rainbows in Montana or wrestling Marlin off the coast of Baja.

Kryptek Pontus Mesh Back Hat

Kryptek Neptune is darker than Pontus but also a beautiful combination of blues...and grey. This pattern is great for fishing and other ocean sports.

Kryptek Neptune Mesh Back Hat

Kryptek Typhon is a pattern of dark greys and black and is perfect for concealment at nightfall.

Kryptek Typhon Mesh Back Hat