NEW Premium Low Profile Trucker Hat!

Exciting news about one of our newest products! This Premium Low Profile Trucker Hat is a great new cap modeled to rival top-line industry styles with a impressive color pallet, including core colors and several “cool / trendy” colors. 

Some of the great style features are…

  • Low Pro Trucker – looks great on everyone
  • Premium fabrics and construction – feels good when you put it on
  • Increased Quality Control initiatives ensure quality fit and form – the quality is evident and comfortable
  • Broad color pallet including some staples and some unique color combinations –perfect for fall
  • Great fit for those who enjoy a traditional trucker style hat!

With Its consistent fit, first class features and enhanced details, it is sure to impress! We are excited about this new style and confident it’s an item which you will love!

This cap is offered in 29 color combinations making it hard to pick a favorite! Some of my favorites are shown below. Click on this link to see all 29 colors...which is your favorite??

Heathered Navy/Khaki/Brown

Light Slate/Grey

Heathered Charcoal/Black/Heathered Grey