How To Wash Baseball Hat

How To Wash Baseball Hat! There are several ways to clean your well loved and well worn and sweaty stained companion. One way is to hand wash and another is to wash your hat(s) in the washing machine. I will give you tips on both!

Hand Wash - If you've just gone on a long run and your hat looks and smells like it needs a bath this is a great option. Fill your sink with some warm/cool water and add some mild detergent. Take a look at your cap and if there are any specific stains or problems area gently spot clean those areas with a soft bristled brush and some detergent. Next submerge your hat in the sink and let it soak for a couple of hours. When it's done soaking you can take it out and rinse the hat in warm/cool water and let it air dry. Ways to dry your hat are to hang it over the sink for it to drip dry or place it on top of a bowl that is a similar size to your head to help it retain its shape.

Machine Wash - Alternatively you can put your hat or hats in the washing machine. If there are patches or metal closures you can use a lingerie bag for your hat. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a small mesh bag typically used for...well, lingerie! But your hat deserves special treatment too right? Anyhow, you can wash your hat(s) on the gentle cycle setting using laundry detergent. When it's done you can air dry it as described above...hang it over the sink or place it on top of a bowl that is a similar size to your head to help it retain its shape.

One other thing...if you live in a sunny area and your dark hats are always fading fast you can give it a spray of sunscreen which will help it retain its dark color longer.

And lastly...if you've had your hat so long nothing is working to make it look fresh and new then it's probably time to head to and treat yourself to a new hat! Go ahead, you deserve it!