How To Determine Your Hat Size

We carry both fitted hats and adjustable hats. Adjustable hats are easy because they come in a standard one size fits most for adults and a standard one size fits most for youth with an adjustable closure such as a plastic snap, velcro like strap or tuck strap with a slide closure for easy size adjustment. Where things get a little trickier is with fitted caps. Fitted caps have no adjustable closure and need to be ordered based on the wearers head size. The best way to determine your head size is to use a fabric tape measure and measure around your head at the widest part, above the ears. Once you know your measurement you can easily determine your hat size.

PROFLEX Size Chart:

XS/S =51-54 cm, S/M = 54-57 cm, M/L = 56-59 cm, L/XL = 58-61 cm and XXL 60-63 cm

Flexfit Size Chart:

S/M = 6 3/4" - 7 1/4", L/XL = 7 1/8" - 7 5/8" and XXL = 7 3/8" - 8"

If your are purchasing hats for a team you may want to order a hat in each size and let your players try them on to let you know which size feels best to them. Many times we get asked what size hat should be ordered for a certain age and while we're able to provide an answer in general terms it's kind of like your shoe size in that your hat size doesn't always correlate to your body size or age. You can have a big kid with a small head and/or a small kids with a big head or lots of hair! Best of luck on your measuring and remember call us if you have any questions!