Baseball Hat Glossary of Terms

Many times when customers call they ask for a certain color baseball hat without realizing all the different options that are out there. Every baseball hat comes not only in different colors but has different options regarding the crown height, a structured vs unstructured crown, contrasting eyelets, sandwich visors and materials. Here is a diagram of a typical baseball hat so that you can see each of the features. Let's start on the left:

Baseball Hat Diagram

Visor - the visor is also known as the bill. Many visors are pre-curved which is a traditional look. However, a lot of hats are now offered with flat visors. Many younger people like the look of the flat visor. There is also a type of visor called "curved to flat" or it might be called "easily shaped flat visor". This means that while the visor appears flat it can be easily manipulated with your hands to make it have more curve if that is the look you desire.

Button - the button is a single button on the top of the crown. Most caps have a button but not all do. Some of the more active styles worn by runners and some of the tactical shooter caps do not have a button. These buttons are made from metal and covered with fabric sometimes matching the color of the crown and sometimes matching another color on the hat.

Eyelets - the eyelets are the small sewn holes on the crown. The number of eyelets on most baseball caps range from 0 to 6. Fitted caps generally just have each on the front 2 panels. Most 6 panel adjustable caps have 6 eyelets, one on each panel. Most 5 panel caps have either 0 or 2 eyelets. Sometimes these eyelets match the color of the crown and sometimes they are a contrast color.

Crown - the crown is the round part that covers your head. There are different crown options based on the height of the crown. From high to low there is a high crown, a mid crown, a mid to low crown and a low crown and a new pro round crown. In addition, to crown height there is a structured or unstructured crown. A structured crown has a buckram or stiff piece of fabric inside to make the crown stand upright. An unstructured crown does not have a buckram. 

 Crown Options and Closure Types

Sandwich - A sandwich visor is when the tip of the visor is a different is basically sandwiched between the fabric of the crown. 

Sweatband - Many of the performance type hats have a quick dry sweatband in them. Not only does this feel good against your head it is a nice feature that helps absorb moisture from your head keeping you cool and comfortable.

Buckram - A structured crown has a buckram or stiff piece of fabric inside to make the crown stand upright. An unstructured crown does not have a buckram so when you take the hat off your head and set it down it collapses slightly whereas a structured crown will retain it's shape with our without your head in it.

Closures - We carry hats with 6 different types of closures. There is plastic snap closure which is the old school plastic strap with holes that snap to your size, the hook/loop tape closure which is the non trademarked name for velcro, the tuck strap with a slide closure which is a small metal buckle that slides along a piece of fabric to adjust, the tuck strap with buckle which is a small metal clasp that clamps down on on a fabric strip, the D-Fit which is a velcro type fabric that pulls though a D shaped plastic loop to tighten and the nylon strap with plastic buckle which is a wider strap that has a buckle that snaps open and inserts to close.

Now that we've talked about all of the features of baseball hats I hope you have a better understanding of all the options out there! And as always if you have any questions or need more information please call us at 800-872-5360 or send us an email to 

Happy hat shopping!